Custom High quality TSSD JM13 ows outdoor sport Workout gym fitness dustproof waterproof 9D stereo ENC Intelligent Noise reduction microphone wireless bluetooth 5.3 comfort earhook earphone headset
Custom High quality ows open ear sport Haute qualite de plein air entrainement gymnase etanche a la poussiere etanche reduction du bruit sans fil Alta calidad deporte al aire libre entrenamiento gimnasio a prueba de polvo impermeable reduccion de ruido microfono inalambrico Microfone de reducao de ruido sem fio bluetooth fone de ouvido com gancho auricular oreillette ecouteur dustproof waterproof 9D stereo ENC Intelligent Noise reduction microphone wireless bluetooth earhook earphone headset
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  • Custom High quality TSSD JM13 ows outdoor sport Workout gym fitness dustproof waterproof

    9D stereo ENC Intelligent Noise reduction microphone wireless bluetooth 5.3 comfort earhook earphone headset

    【True Open Ear Headphones & Ergonomic Design】
    Arikasen open ear headphones feature a completely open-ear design, the earbuds rest gently and securely on top of the ear without stuffing

    in the ear canal, offering an earbud-free, burden-free listening experience. Based on ergonomic design, Arikasen open earbuds are

    meticulously molded to follow the natural curve of ears, compared with the in-ear headphones or bone conduction headphones, Arikasen

    delivers superior sound in a natural, comfortable way.

    【Sense Your Surroundings】
    Open ear headphones rest on your ears without covering them and keep your ears open, you can hear your music and your surroundings at the

    same time. Hear approaching cars, bicycles, and family members while listening to music when jogging or working, knowing you are

    safe and alert for changes in your environment.

    【Superior High-Quality Sound】
    Built-in 10mm dynamic speaker provide crystal-clear HD stereo sound, call quality and smoother music playback. Our open headphones offers a

    rich and consistent listening experience at any volume, bringing an unprecedented powerful sound field experience.

    【Latest Bluetooth 5.3 & Low-Latency Experience 】
    Adopts the latest Bluetooth 5.3 Bluetooth technology and enjoys 2 times the transmission speed, no signal loss or music interruption. Arikasen

    open ear wireless headphones are compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled devices, including smartphones, computers, and TVs. Featuring ACC

    Low Latency technology, Arikasen open headphones allow you to reduce Bluetooth delay- delivering high-quality sound in perfect synchronization.

    【30H Long Playtime & Type-C Fast Charge 】
    With the large capacity battery and the breakthrough low-consumption algorithms, Arikasen over ear earbuds provide up to 4H of continuous

    playback per charge, or 30H of total playtime with a charging case, tested by Arikasen laboratory at 60% volume. Actual playtime may vary depending

    on usage and environment. Adopt the international universal Type-C charging port and it only takes 1-2 hrs to fully charge the box.

    【Secure and Comfortable Fit】
    Super lightweight and ergonomic earhooks ensuring a secure, comfortable fit achieves the perfect combination of comfort and stability.

    Long-term strenuous exercise will not fall off or put pressure on the ear. Feel comfortable wearing the open headphones,

    whether you are sports, daily travel, meeting or working from home.

    【 No hurt to Hearing & Anti Hearing Loss】
    Arikasen open earbuds focused on achieved avoiding the most common health issue of traditional wireless earbuds as Arikasen

    open ear earbuds never actually go inside your ear. There is no pinching of the auricle, no blockage of the ear canal, and no pain or

    damage to hearing. Just enjoys the premium deep bass sound and extreme comfort of open ear headphones at ease,

    and get rid of ear fatigue even for long-term listening as well as reducing your hearing loss.

    【 ENC Noise Reduction & Crystal Clear Call】
    Arikasen open ear Bluetooth headphones have built-in dual microphones, which adopt environmental noise reduction technology

    to monitor the sounds around you and instantly produce an opposite signal to reduce background noise, allowing you to hear crystal clear calls

    like you are communicating face to face with others, enjoy clear hands-free calling and immerse in the music, creating a personal audio world.

    Personnalisé de haute qualité TSSD JM13 ows sport de plein air entraînement gymnase fitness étanche à la poussière étanche 9D stéréo

    ENC Intelligent réduction du bruit microphone sans fil Bluetooth 5.3 confort oreillette écouteur casque

    Personalizado de alta calidad TSSD JM13 ows deporte al aire libre Entrenamiento gimnasio fitness a prueba de polvo impermeable 9D estéreo

    ENC Inteligente Reducción de ruido micrófono inalámbrico bluetooth 5.3 confort gancho para la oreja auriculares

    Personalizado de alta qualidade TSSD JM13 ows esporte ao ar livre Treino academia fitness à prova de poeira à prova d'água 9D estéreo

    ENC Microfone de redução de ruído inteligente sem fio bluetooth 5.3 conforto fone de ouvido com gancho

    Personalized Appearance
    Starting from the exterior, we offer infinite possibilities. You can choose different colors, materials, and designs to ensure the earphones align

    perfectly with your personality. Whether it's an exquisite metallic casing, a fashionable fabric cover, or your personal emblem, we can make it happen for you.

    Sound Quality Tailored to You
    Music is an emotion and a reflection of your taste. Our customized Bluetooth earphones go beyond aesthetics, encompassing sound quality. We'll adjust the audio to

    match your music preferences and auditory needs, ensuring every song is presented in its optimal state. Perfect music, tailored by you.

    Personalized Branding
    If you're a business or looking to customize earphones for a team, event, or brand, we can cater to your needs. We offer branding and personalized printing,

    turning your earphones into unique brand representatives, spreading your message.

    Tailored Comfort
    Comfort is a vital part of music enjoyment. Our customized Bluetooth earphones are designed with ergonomics in mind, ensuring comfortable wear.

    From ear hooks to ear tips, we'll adjust according to your requirements, ensuring your earphones fit snugly for long-wear without discomfort.

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